August Visionboard

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August. A month to work on what you are wishing for.

August is always THE month for me. So many thoughts and ideas and endless inspiration and most of all, enough time to realize, analyze and accomplish things.

Starting off with two words – New York. I visited the city of dreams this summer and have not stopped thinking about it ever since. It gave me chills just looking at it all. The skyline and the streets and the energy completely paralyzed me to the point that I cannot even consider living anywhere else in the future. I continue to post million pictures I took there on social media and everyone’s kind of annoyed. But they don’t understand.

Color wise light pink, blush tones have been a hit. Something about velvet and pink and slip dresses that give me hazy, soft vibes. There really is bravery in being “soft”.

Another favorite – glitter and metallics. I was never the one to like glitter because it seemed too feminine and I was never the girly girl but I have totally different opinions now. I just think the tiniest touch of glitter gives the outfit a little bit of edge and “coolness” that I so want to achieve. And um is there anything to say about metallics? A necessity. Duh?

I’ve always been the one to be an advocate for all things #girlpower but this month I’m especially appreciative. Girls with curves, girls with no curves, girls with freckles, girls with no freckles, tall girls, short girls, different sizes, different skin colors – they’re all beautiful and interesting in their own ways, we just seem to be too lazy to notice.

And um cheecky quotes? They’re always my fave.





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