Turning Pain into Power


If you’re in pain you need to leave. If you feel dizzy you need to leave. If you feel like you’re not getting nearly as much as you’re putting into, you need to immediately get up and leave. There is nothing worse than settling.

You need to be brave. Do you feel like you’re stuck? Lonely? Simply uncomfortable? Leave. Run. Swim away. You need to be making your own choices. This is not someone else’s life to live.

Leaving does not make you a sinner.

Do you feel like the person you’ve spend months and months talking to is the only safe haven you’ve got even though they’re not letting you bloom into the best version of yourself? Leave them. Because guess what? They probably don’t care half as much as you do. They’re not worth your time. It’s not an act of selfishness. It’s a step forward for a self-help movement.

Maybe it’s time for you to get away from anything toxic. Toxic friendships. Toxic relationships. Toxic mindset. It is not about straightaway improvement and rapid personal growth. It’s about a journey towards freeing yourself.



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