October was tragic


October was tragic.

From endless gratitude to extreme fear, October showed up with a range of emotions.

Laughs, constellations, dusty photos, limitless joy, kisses and pain, poetry, music, realizations and most of all a sense of everything falling back to its place♥

According to a very well thought-out plan this month was supposed to be overfilled with fun and bravery and while I was too busy following the pattern, October was unraveling itself quietly, bringing me to the kind of situation I’ve never been in, teaching me lessons I would have never thought of.

Severe pain and self-denial brought me to the state of tranquility. After going through a lot I was suddenly brought back to life, my vision was clear and I could see myself growing out of the old self, growing out and growing up, untangling the knots in my heart and letting go. I was calm and placid. No negativity; no reluctance; no hard feelings; no more heaviness; just a pleasant emptiness that both dazzled and dizzied me.

October was tragic.

Tragically Wonderful.

And if this October has taught me anything, it’s that life goes on and it can be so beautiful if you let it.♥


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