Goodbye, hope to never see you again, 2016.


I don’t know where to start. Or how to.

I don’t know if it’s worth recapping at all.

But like all the obstacles you overcome in life, this one too needs to be celebrated.

How can I describe 2016?  It has been an emotional trainwreck; a beautifully painful, traumatic, eye-opening, experience-gaining, breathtaking, flesh-burning, panic-ridden year.

Here’s a list of things that happened:

  • First New Year’s celebration out and about.
  • An excuse for a Birthday Party.
  • A school trip turned into Hell.
  • Sudden dates and regrets.
  • Birthday celebrations of two best friends and thorough enjoyment.
  • A realization that is still haunting me today.
  • An unexpected night to remember.
  • A trip to New York.
  • A festival.
  • A trip to the mountains.
  • A trip to Crete.
  • August- a month of waking up and then falling back down again.
  • S c h o o l.
  • Halloween.
  • A trip to Berlin.
  • Cigarettes After Sex.
  • Confusion.
  • A lot of it.
  • Probably a lot more that I don’t remember.
  • And an endless amount of one-sided love.


What I want for 2017?

  • I want happiness. Lots of it.
  • I want to be confident in my own skin.
  • I want to read and write more.
  • I want to be more compassionate.
  • I want to be kinder.
  • I want to find love. The kind of love that makes you go speechless.
  • I want to educate myself more.
  • I want to help people.
  • I want to find my passion.
  • I want to learn to move on.
  • I want to get a tattoo.
  • I want to worry less and enjoy more.
  • I want to listen to beautiful music.
  • I want to learn to drive.
  • I want to be the best version of myself.
  • I want to live.


Make it a good one,



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