A Moment Of Silence for May

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         Graduations-they can go to hell.

I could not emphasize enough how I hate endings. I hate saying goodbyes; physically can not handle them. C a n   n o t. And as soon as May comes around and the school year comes to an end, instead of thinking of summer as the beginning of everything, I think of it as that bitch that is about to steal my consistency and friends for three whole months. Oh well.

Now imagine me having to deal with actually saying goodbye to those friends, not for a week, not for three months but for virtually forever since I have to spend the rest of my high school career without them. You know why? Because they just graduated, that’s why. Good for them.

I have this feeling in my stomach; like I’m falling in love for the first time; except the opposite. Oh, that sweet taste of nostalgia. I can feel tears pushing through my tear ducts. I can feel a little bit of jealousy as well- they’re free; I’m not. It’s okay thought, I will be in a year. Just a year. 365 days and I’m out and about just like them.

But still, It feels like I’m letting them go. I know I’m not. I’ll always keep them close to my heart. Closer than ever before. We’ll hang out, we’ll tell each other stories and talk about nothing and everything for hours.

But still, Graduations- they can go to hell.



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