No Way, Norway


                          Call me weird but I like cold.

 Call me weird but I like cold – I would much rather be wrapped up in thousand sweater-blanket combos than walk around in a tank-top, sweating my a** off.  Add great style, minimalism and a lot of sushi to that cold and I am in personal heaven a.k.a Scandinavia. Now, I already had Denmark and Sweden scratched off my checklist of places to visit and after Norway, I am finally convinced that the land of Vikings is also the land of very high-quality living and somewhat cold-hearted people. 

I had the opportunity to visit Røros, Trondheim and Oslo as a part of International Session of European Youth Parliament. I was lucky enough to be selected as a delegate and attend this once in a lifetime event. The experience was unbelievable and the people I met there-fascinating. Communication with youth all over Europe made me realize even more how much I wanna immerse myself in different cultures in the future.

All in all, Norway was unforgettably shocking, to the point where every other second of the trip I was like: “No Way, Norway!” ha ha

ha ha


k bye


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