Disposable Dreams 0.2


“…but that’s just how life is”, she said,

“You are tied to thousands and thousands of weightless balloons aimed at the sky and sometimes one pops, your heart does a little dance, you think you’re about to fall but in the end it’s just one balloon and you keep on reaching the sky. “




A Letter.




A letter to myself.

You live in the shadows and you don’t know it yet. Trying to be something was never enough for you; you wanted to be everything. The things you tell yourself are the things told by the greatest to the weak. You can not bring yourself down like that. You never considered yourself weak. Overthinking kills and rules you. You never realized how bewitching your mind truly is. You dwell on details and your heart is so fragile, it crumbles more often that it needs to. Sadness has become your comfort and it feels strange when life actually seems heavenly.  Continue reading “A Letter.”

State Of Mind

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You don’t understand. You just can not understand the power of this concrete jungle without walking through it first. I used to think the experience was overrated. The views and the pictures have always fascinated me but I always thought it was just giant alleyway of broken dreams and skyscrapers. Until I looked up and thousand lights blinded me while sending shivers down my spine.

The city is anything but ordinary. You’re walking and all these movie scenes flash before your eyes and you truly feel like if you can really make it there, you can make it anywhere.

The city that never sleeps. It changed me.